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Amazon Prime Video – Content, Pricing, and Parental Controls

Amazon Prime Video – Content, Pricing, and Parental Controls

By alfred

In this article we’ll look at Amazon Prime Video’s Content, Pricing, and Device support. And we’ll also look at parental controls. So what exactly is Amazon Prime Video? What are its strengths and weaknesses? And what makes it so special? Read on for the scoop. Until then, be sure to check out the review on But if you haven’t already tried it, here are a few tips.

Content offered by Amazon Prime Video

Depending on your location, you can watch a wide variety of movies and TV series through Amazon Prime Video. The library is a mix of original content from other providers. If you want to see something specific, you can filter the results by genre, age rating, and IMDb rating. You can even find entertainment in 4K if you’re interested in that kind of high-resolution picture. However, the library’s largest strength is in the original content that Amazon has created.

The selection of original content on Amazon Prime Video is huge, including TV shows and movies from popular franchises. Some shows are exclusive to the service, and there are hundreds of thousands of films and TV shows available. Streaming is available on computers and mobile devices. A short trailer plays before the content begins. Prime members can even subscribe to their favorite TV and movie channels. Since the catalogue is growing daily, you’ll never be bored with the available content.


Amazon’s Prime memberships have over 100 million subscribers, making them the largest subscription service in history. In addition to offering free unlimited shipping, Prime members also get exclusive deals and discounts, and access to high-quality digital entertainment. While some other streaming-subscription services have recently raised their prices, Amazon has remained unaffected. Amazon’s price increases on its standalone video service do not include an upfront payment discount. Moreover, if you’re planning to upgrade your subscription, you can save at least $20 on the price.

The pricing for Amazon Prime Video is changing. While it is no longer free, you can still pay $8.99 per month for access to Prime Video. Among the perks of Prime, this service allows you to watch thousands of movies and TV shows, as well as purchase a la carte. It is also cheaper for students, who don’t need to download content as frequently. Additionally, the subscription fee is comparable to other ad-free streaming services.

Devices supported

The list of Amazon Prime Video devices is growing by the day. You can watch your favorite shows and movies on any device thanks to the Amazon app. Most major smart TV brands are supported, as are some streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV. But there are some exceptions. Nintendo consoles and Apple TV aren’t supported yet, but that won’t stop you from enjoying Prime video on them. If you’re looking to stream movies and TV shows on your gaming console, you should also check out the list of Amazon’s supported devices.

The first step to fix a problem with Amazon Prime Video is to make sure your device has a good connection to the Internet. The streaming app is available on many devices, including Android phones and tablets. If you’re experiencing problems watching a movie, try restarting the device or restarting your router. If this doesn’t work, you can download and install an app that works with your network speed. Then, follow the steps above.

Parental controls

Amazon Prime Video parental controls help you control what your kids watch on the service. You can set up parental controls to limit the content your kids are able to view and enter a four-digit PIN code to make purchases. Once you’ve set up the parental controls, you can choose what your kids can view by topic or age rating. By using parental controls, you can ensure that your kids are safe from the inappropriate content that they can view.

First, you can choose which devices you want to restrict access to with Amazon Prime Video. You can choose to restrict access to specific types of videos, such as those aimed at general audiences. This also applies to web browsers. In addition, you can choose which devices your kids can access Amazon Prime Video from. If you are worried about your kids’ internet habits, Amazon Prime Video parental controls can help you prevent them from viewing content they shouldn’t be watching.