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The Latest in TV Series

The Latest in TV Series

By alfred

If you’re a fan of television, you probably know that men dominate the list of top TV series. While men make up nearly half of the list, women make up almost one-third. In fact, non-English-language series are increasingly gaining huge international audience shares. The reason? More than one-third of the top-rated series are written and produced by women. This shows that women are increasingly creating successful shows. This article explores the latest in television drama.

Review of Hugh Laurie’s new Tv series

I’ve been anticipating House of Cards for some time, and I’m happy to report that the first season is finally here. As expected, the cast is fantastic and Hugh Laurie is superb as the character of Peter Laurence. I’ve been a fan of the BBC’s House of Cards, and this version of the political drama is not a disappointment. It’s an enjoyable ride, but it’s unlikely to stick with me like the original.

“Roadkill” is an ambitious four-part political drama written by Oscar-winner David Hare. The show is a throwback to the days when fictional politicians were prone to getting themselves into trouble. Hugh Laurie loses his American accent as he plays the role of a British government minister who has his sights on higher office. As a result, his character is constantly beset by skeletons.

Review of Stephen Knight’s hit period drama

If you love period drama, you can’t miss Stephen Knight’s new series Taboo. This period drama is rooted in reality, which makes it more like Deadwood than Downton Abbey. Michael Kelly plays a sleuth, who is also a surgeon and a researcher in cotton dyeing. He’s a very real character, so much so that you might feel the same way about him after watching the first episode.

Peaky Blinders is an ambitious project, and the creator of the show has already spoken openly about its ending: World War II. Peaky Blinders has explored the impact of the First World War on local communities, and it’s now gearing up for its final BBC series. The drama will continue on the big screen, as well, as the series’ creator has promised. But before that happens, Peaky Blinders will barrel through another global war.

Review of Lana Condor’s rom-com

A sci-fi romantic comedy starring Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse, “Moonshot” is an entertaining diversion about two college students who find love on Mars. The show follows the lives of Sophie and her boyfriend Calvin (Mason Gooding), who have just started a life together in the faraway planet. But before they can find happiness on Mars, they first have to save their relationship on Earth.

While the basic formula of a rom-com hasn’t changed in years, the main actors remain strong. The cast includes teenage idols Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor, who are both likable and capable of working within the tired formula of rom-coms. Still, this isn’t a perfect movie, and the actors don’t quite live up to the hype.

Review of Lana Condor’s vampire thriller The Americans

The first part of Lana Condor’s performance is a comic whirlwind, and her character is no typical pixie dream girl. In this dynamic, Condor is in control of the plot. She comes off as a fully three-dimensional character. The rest of the cast is competent, but it’s still hard to find a good movie about vampires without Condor.

The Americans stars Condor, who has previously performed in romantic comedies, as well as X-Men: Apocalypse. After starring in this genre, she moved into a more serious role with the James Cameron-directed Alita: Battle Angel. Condor has earned critical praise for her performance as Laura Jean Covey, who accidentally sends letters to five boys. The ensuing drama explores the consequences of this mistake.