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Top 12 Docuseries on Netflix

Top 12 Docuseries on Netflix

By israelipanda

In order to document the current state of the U.S. immigration system, the creators of this documentary series had extensive access to ICE and other government agencies for three years.

Immigration Nation examines ICE’s internal operations as well as the human cost of its methods. An officer calls the bereaved father of a migrant who has frozen to death to let him know. It becomes immediately clear that the officer is making use of the same call to determine whether the father should be deported or is legally present in the United States.

College Behind Bars is a Ken Burns documentary that tells the stories of prisoners who are enrolled in a competitive college program. Some of the inmates have committed serious crimes and are housed in maximum security facilities.

It is such a humbling and emotional experience to witness their difficult prison conditions, their struggles, and their incredible determination to excel academically.

The Keepers Netflix’s The Keepers arrives at a time when true crime is at an all-time high and Making a Murderer is making millions. The Keepers, on the other hand, is a much more intriguing show despite the fact that the two shows share a similar genre and general tone of voice. First of all, rather than focusing on the grisly perpetrators, it focuses on the victims and their stories. Second, it doesn’t sacrifice stunning revelations or twists in favor of cliffhangers.

Drive to Survive With only 20 seats available each year, drivers compete not only for wins but also for roster spots. Formula One: With the big stars, Ferrari and Mercedes, who are typically kept under wraps, Drive to Survive places a greater emphasis on the off-grid. For instance, the fact that Lewis Hamilton, the five-time champion of the world, is rarely seen leaves more room for other tales to develop, such as that of Günther Steiner, the Italian team principal of the Haas Formula One Team.

Flint Town Flint, Michigan, has been through a lot since the 1960s. The population of the town was nearly cut in half when General Motors reduced their workforce by several thousand. 

Losers Despite its obvious unconventionality, this perspective on competitive sports makes perfect sense. Boring are winners. You win if you succeed. However, the losers must confront defeat. The saying goes that you can learn a lot from failure but little from victory. Mickey Duzyj, the show’s director and animator, was motivated by a personal tennis tournament experience he had as a teenager. 

This may be Netflix’s first successful attempt at a conventional weekly television show, produced by Ezra Klein’s Vox Media, a liberal-leaning explanation news site. Additionally, a news program. However, as the title suggests, Explained doesn’t try to keep you up to date on current events. Instead, it takes brief but in-depth looks at topics like the racial wealth gap, monogamy, and the rise of cryptocurrencies that are often overlooked in news cycles. The concept is not novel.

Our Planet There is no good reason why this review shouldn’t be limited to just two words: Attenborough, David. This new nature show was created by the star of Planet Earth and Netflix with a voice that makes you wish that every voice in your life was the same. It took four years to make, and in each episode, it moves between continents a lot. It’s full, vivid, and absolutely stunning. Is this a new Earth created by them? Exactly not. The environmental message in Our Planet is significantly stronger.

Evil Genius There is media coverage and footage to support the pizza bomber theory, but watching Evil Genius: Everything in The True Story of America’s Most Heinous Bank Robbery is so intriguing that it is almost impossible to believe it. A pizza delivery man arrives at a bank to rob it while wearing what he claims to be a bomb around his neck as part of a treasure hunt. He will gain access to the subsequent set of clues that will enable him to defuse the bomb by robbing the bank. The bank clerks comply, but on his way out, the police arrest him, handcuff him, and keep him at a distance. They doubt his claims.

The Pharmacist We refer to this compelling four-part series as a Netflix true crime documentary; however, it is much more than that. It focuses on the tragic death of a family man who was extremely sympathetic, soft-spoken, and likable. In 1999, his teenage son was killed by drug-related violence in New Orleans’ notorious Lower 9th Ward. He takes matters into his own hands and conducts his own investigation into the murder of his son given the widespread corruption in the city’s police force.

Making a Murderer, the Emmy-winning true-crime docuseries from Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, tells the story of Steven Avery, who was falsely convicted of sexual assault and spent 18 years in prison before being released and being charged, along with his teen nephew, with the murder of another woman. Making a Murderer is the Grand Poobah of true-crime docuseries. The series provides a damning portrait of what is claimed to be the greatest system of justice in the world and is an engaging and enraged examination of class and power in the United States. Season two’s star is Kathleen Zellner, an appeals attorney who slowly and methodically attempts to dismantle the prosecution’s already weak case, despite the fact that Avery remains the focus throughout.

Avoid Cats at All Costs: Another docuseries, Hunting an Internet Killer Don’t F**k with Cats, is about a serial killer who murders kittens and is pursued by a group of daring internet sleuths as he runs around the world. This stylish show manages to fit in a tour of the dark web, a brief lesson in photo metadata, and a (as it turns out, crucial) breakdown of the killer’s obsession with American Psycho and Basic Instinct into three short, easy-to-binge episodes.