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The Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

The Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

By israelipanda

First rate entertainer?$ten million.Team for visual effects?3D Filming for $25 million?15 millionCreating a movie that transports the audience to another world?Not exactly incomparable.

Movies have become more expensive than ever before over the past ten years, with Pirates of the Caribbean:At World’s End, whose production cost Disney $300 million in 2007.That is almost $40 million more than the $264 million failure of Disney’s John Carter, which came in second place in 2012.The production costs of each of the superhero and fantasy films on our list of the Most Expensive Movies Ever Made exceeded $200 million.

marketing or other post-production costs

If inflation had been taken into account, Pirates of the Caribbean: With an adjusted cost of $341 million, At World’s End would have continued to be the most expensive movie. Titanic, a 1997 film from 20th Century Fox, would have finished in second place at $296.4 million after accounting for inflation. The James Cameron film has earned over $2.1 billion worldwide and millions more on home video, despite the studio’s initial concerns regarding its $200 million budget. Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, cost $31 million in 1963 and was infamously close to forcing 20th Century Fox into bankruptcy. It would have cost a staggering $241 million in 2016, which is eye-watering but not unreasonable in today’s Hollywood.

The fact that the rest of the best movies would stay pretty much the same, albeit in a different order, shows that movies have been getting more and more expensive over time.

It is challenging to pinpoint precisely when film financial plans started to soar or the particular components that made costs increment, however our social fixation on activity weighty superhuman or dream movies could be at fault:The stunts and visual and auditory special effects in these films necessitate enormous budgets.

“There are two main aspects:labor and technology,” producer and Skydance Media’s most recent COO, Paul Schwake, said.Every altered shot in a film with 150 to 250 five-second visual effects shots costs between $70,000 and $100,000 to produce.However, the amount of labor required can be significantly higher, costing as much as $25 million.Those numbers can soar even higher in action movies with more visual effects.This is why Pirates of the Caribbean’s enormous budgets:At World’s End, for which special effects cost approximately $1 million per minute, the New York Times reported.

There’s also the technology itself, which is always changing. Each chief needs ‘previously unheard of’ so by definition a fourth of the shots while perhaps not more will be new and should be created without any preparation,” Schwake said.

In addition, going 3-D can increase costs by as much as $15 million to $10 million in post-production.

These films frequently feature well-known and expensive actors as their leads in an effort to attract audiences.The majority of Pirates of the Caribbean films pay Johnny Depp, who starred in all of them, eight figures.His initial payment for On Stranger Tides is thought to have exceeded $30 million, while his initial payment for At World’s End was estimated to be close to $15 million.

Tobey Maguire was able to get a big salary for Spider-Man 3 after two films that were huge hits:receiving an estimated $15 million and 7.5% of back-end revenues (Maguire made $27 million in back-end money alone for Spider-Man 2).

In films with a larger ensemble and numerous stars—Avengers:Batman v Superman or Age of Ultron:Both Dawn of Justice have budgets of $250 million, so these initial salaries add up.Robert Downey Jr., the highest-paid actor in the world, makes up the Avengers cast. For the 2015 movie, he received an upfront payment of around $20 million.The budget quickly disappears when you factor in the much smaller salaries of Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jeremy Renner, all of whom received single digit million dollars.

However, with the most expensive films, was the expenditure worthwhile?There are mixed results.

The Legend of the Black Pearl:At World’s End, which tagged 2007’s greatest gross with $963 million, reasonable scarcely equaled the initial investment while advertising and different expenses are calculated in.Despite costing more than the other Pirates of the Caribbean films (Dead Man’s Chest cost $225 million and grossed $1.07 billion), it was only the third highest-grossing Pirates of the Caribbean film.The first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, cost only $140 million and made $654 million, while On Stranger Tides cost $250 million and made $1.05 billion.

On the other hand, John Carter was a huge failure, only earning $284 million, or about $20 million more than its budget for production. The film was partially responsible for Disney’s $84 million loss in the second quarter of 2012 when marketing, backend payments to talent, and “off-the-tops” (release-related expenses) are taken into account.



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